1. “I was suffering from severe acidity and gases. I found no relief with gaviscon and other medication. Acidity would increase with stress and I had read that Homeopathy is very helpful in stress induced ailments. I got to know Dr Vaishali through a friend who was her patient. I am currently on Homeopathic medication and my acidity has come down to 90%. I can handle stress in a better way as well. The advice on food and diet she gave proved to be useful” – Mrs. S


  1. “My daughter was suffering from severe eczema. She would get lot of itching and it would bleed as well occasionally. Also she would get breathless on doing exercises in school for which she needed to take inhalers. With Homeopathy her eczema vanished! She doesn’t need the puff that often now. Dr. Vaishali is very friendly doctor ad my 11 yr old daughter gelled very well with her” –Mrs. A


  1. “I started Homeopathic medication for Arthritis. I took pain killers for my knee pain for 1 and half year with no relief. Fed up with that decided to try Homeopathy. I found lot of relief in the first month itself, the stiffness reduced to a great extent. I would get pain in my knee while climbing stairs that came down as well gradually. I took medicines for 6 months and am doing fine with no pain and stiffness. Still following the diet and exercise you told me. Currently am not on medication and have been asked to report to Dr. Vaishali after 3 months” – Ms. H.


  1. “I am currently taking medication from Dr. Vaishali in Bradford for pigmentation marks and discoloration on my face. The mark and discoloration has faded off which feels good, just very little remaining. My skin is no longer dry infact has got better and also there is glow to the skin. I feel more positive as well. Thank you Dr. Vaishali.” Mrs. S.


  1. “I had this recurrent urinary tract infections which were brought down by Homeopathic medication.Thank you Dr. Vaishali for being so patient and caring“ – Ann.


  1. “I started taking Homeopathy for Corns on my feet. They would keep coming and would cause pain while walking. Homeopathy was of great help” – Mr. U.


  1. “My daughter was very shy and would hardly interact with anyone and especially boys she would totally avoid speaking to them and hence would not take part in any activity at school. Dr. Vaishali happened to be our neighbour in Mumbai and hence approached her. Homeopathic medicines did a miracle to us. My daughter changed completely and now interacts with everyone including boys. Thank you Dr. Vaishali we will always remember you”- Mrs. S from Mumbai.


  1. “Dr. Vaishali is our family doctor. Me, my daughter and my mom are already her patients. My husband was going through a stressful period at office which had affected him deeply and I didn’t want him to take anti depressants. Within months of Homeopathic treatment he was back to normal, confident and could handle the office stress in a positive manner. Thank you very very much.”- Mrs. M.


  1. “I took my daughter to Dr. Vaishali to enquire if they had anything in Homeopathy for low appetite. When Dr. Vaishali examined her she found that actually my daughter wasn’t eating well because of the large tonsils she had which was making her difficult to swallow food. This was quite a revelation to us. With Homeopathic medicines her tonsils got back to normal and so did her appetite!” Mrs. S.
  1. “I took medication from dr Vaishali when she was working in Pune in 1999.I was suffering from Asthma since 30 years. I was on inhalers, couldn’t sleep as was always disturbed by the cough. But the day I started homeopathic medicines from Dr. Vaishali, That very day I slept well in last 30 years! I am very thankful to her in having given me so much relief from my attacks”- Mrs. S from Pune.